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Constitution and By-Laws 2022  

This constitution and by-laws have been approved pursuant to ARTICLE  VIII herein on this date, January 1, 2010 by the elected  Board of Directors of Vidor Youth Baseball League.  

League President John Castolenia  

All items bolded and underlined are the items we changed for 2022. 


This organization shall be known as Vidor Youth Baseball (VYBL), a member of Little League Baseball, Inc. VYBL will carry a program of baseball in  accordance with the rules and regulations of Little League Baseball, Inc. In the event VYBL fails  to abide by the rules and regulations of Little League Baseball, Inc., VYBL shall at the request of  Little League Baseball, Inc. cease to use the name of Little League  Baseball, Inc. and the registered  trademark and emblems of Little League Baseball leagues.  



VYBL seeks to “Protect Our Nation’s Youth” by implanting in the youth of this community  the ideals of good sportsmanship, courage, obedience, loyalty, truth and reverence so that  they may be finer, stronger and happier young people and grow to be good, clean, healthy  adults. This objective will be reached by providing supervised, competitive athletic games.  The Supervisors shall-bear in mind at all times that the attainments of exceptional athletic  skill or the winning of games is secondary and that the molding of future citizens is of  importance.  



The league boundaries of VYBL shall be the same boundaries as set forth by the Vidor  Independent School District and can include surrounding communities upon approval by  the officers of the Board of Directors of VYBL.  



The league shall apply each year for a Certificate of Membership of Little League Baseball, Inc.  of Washington, PA. Playing of league games shall be in accordance with the rules and  regulations issued by Little League Baseball, Inc.  



A. The official playing rules and rules for local league play as published by Little League  Baseball, Inc. shall be used by this league  

B. The local rules of the league shall be adopted by the Officers of the Board of  Directors but shall in no way conflict with the rules of Little League Baseball, Inc. 




1. Elected Officers and Board of Directors (“the Board”) shall govern the Vidor  Youth Baseball League. All shall be an active participant within VYBL  (parent, guardian, sponsor, or volunteer) and members-in-good-standing  residing within  the League Boundary.  

2. A notification shall be sent to all individuals in the league’s database during  the month of June to notify them of the upcoming elections of directors.  Current board members should actively recruit potential board members  based on observations made during the season.  

3. Elections of Board members shall be held in August or September of each  year, unless other arrangements are made to accommodate the turnout of a  majority of voting Board members. Immediately thereafter, officer positions  will be determined by nomination and vote by the incumbent Board. 

4. A quorum for the conducting of all business, except as specifically otherwise  set forth herein, shall be at least fifty-one percent (51%) of the Board.  

5. The Board, in its discretion, may remove any Board member upon the  affirmative vote of two-thirds of the Board sitting at the time such issue is  brought before the Board for vote. For purposes of removing a Board  member, the quorum required to conduct such business shall be increased  from fifty-one percent (51%) to sixty-six and two-thirds (66.66%).  

6. The Board shall meet at least quarterly or as often as needed to handle league  business. The time and place for such meetings shall be determined by the  President and shall be made known to all members of the Board upon at least  1-day’s notice, oral, telephonic or written. Any member may attend a Board  meeting; however, membership participation shall be at the discretion of the  Board. Furthermore, the Board may convene in executive session to discuss  or resolve such matters, which the Board, in its discretion, believes should be  handled confidentially.  

7. Proxy voting is allowed by using a registered email, written proxy, or league  approved voting software. A written proxy will only be deemed valid and  operational if the proxy is signed by the absent Board member and filed with  an Executive Committee member of the League. Written proxy voting is prohibited in all matters concerning the league  elections, governance, or constitutional issues.  

8. Any adult who has attained the age of eighteen and meets the eligibility  requirements set forth herein is considered eligible to run for and/or serve as  an officer of the league. No more than 2 relatives can be on the Board of  Directors at any given time.  

9. Any officer of the board who leaves the Board of directors either voluntarily  or involuntarily shall not be eligible to serve on the Board of Directors of 

VYBL the following year. Exception: the Board of Directors shall review  voluntary leaves of absence.  

10. Confidential matters, at the Board’s discretion, will be discussed in closed  session with only  members of the  Board present.  

11. All matters of policy shall be decided by a majority vote of the quorum of the  members of the Board.  

12. Board members shall have the authority and obligation to enforce all portions  of the constitution and by-laws, coaches’ agreements and other  regulations concerning the league.  

13. The members of the Board will make any  decisions on any unforeseen circumstances that may arise that are not clearly  addressed in the by-laws of VYBL keeping in mind that the only determining  factor is: What is in the best interest of all the children in the league?  

14. Any Board position unfilled during the annual election, or vacated by  resignation or removal shall be filled by Presidential appointment and ratified  by majority vote of VYBL Board so as to maintain continuity of the Board’s  activities.  

15. Any Board member missing more than three (3) consecutive Board meetings,  without just cause, shall face Board review to determine if replacement is  necessary.  

16. The President will determine the frequency and schedule Board meetings.  Special meetings may be called by a majority of the Board members. A  quorum must be present to have a formal meeting; however, voting by proxy  is acceptable.  

17. Electronic voting is allowed on matters approved by the Executive Board.  Electronic voting is prohibited in all matters concerning the league elections,  governance, or constitutional issues.  


The Board shall have full authority and discretion to make all policy, set budgets,  and implement the on-going business of the League consistent with the  

bylaws. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Board shall have the  power to:  

I. Purchase or otherwise acquire for the League any property, right or  privilege which the League is authorized to acquire, by the price of  consideration and upon such terms as the Board may deem appropriate;  

II. Appoint, remove or suspend subordinate agents or volunteers and to  determine their duties and fix their salaries (if any);  

III. Determine the composition of a sub-committee to deal with the particulars  of the Little League tournament teams (if any);  

IV. Determine who shall be authorized on behalf of the League to sign bills,  notices, receipts, acceptances, endorsements, checks, releases, contracts, 

and any other instruments. Without any further action by the Board, the  

The President and Vice President are so authorized.  

V. Delegate any of the powers of the Board to any agent of the League with  any powers as the Board may see fit to grant;  

VI. Suspend, discharge, bar or otherwise discipline any person (member,  manager, coach, player, parent, league official, umpire, etc) as needed  without refund whose conduct is considered detrimental to the best  

interests of the League (see Disciplinary Guidelines below);  

VII. Set registration fees and award scholarships;  

Generally do all such lawful acts and take actions as may be necessary and  proper.  


  1.  The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice  President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Player Agent of the League.  

II. The Executive Committee shall approve temporary powers to other  officers as requested by officers unable to perform their duties. 

The Executive Committee shall advise with and assist the Officers of the League in all  matters concerning its interests and the management of its affairs, and shall have such other  powers as may be delegated to it by the Board, but in no event will the Executive Board  have authority over the Board of Directors. 



A. The officers of the Board of Directors shall decide all matters pertaining to the  finances of the league, bearing in mind the responsibility to conduct the  financial affairs of the league in a sound business-like manner.  

B. To equalize the benefits of the league for all participating teams, solicitation  of funds shall be to the treasurer of the league and contributions to individuals  or teams shall not be allowed until the ½ point of the year of each division, as  long as the matter does not interfere with the business of the league.  

C. The officers of the Board of Directors shall institute a policy relative to the  preparation and acceptance of a budget, periodic and annual. Presentation of  financial reports and annual audit of the league books shall be made prior to  the annual election of officers.  

D. The financial affairs of the league are open to the public and can be seen at  any regular meeting of the board of Directors. 

E. No Officer shall be permitted to spend, on any particular item or task, more  than One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) without prior Board Approval. 



This constitution or any section thereof may be amended by a 2/3 affirmative vote of the  quorum of the officers of the Board of Directors provided written notice of such proposed  changes is sent to each officer of the Board at least ten days prior to the meeting at which  the proposed change(s) shall be submitted to vote. The government of the league shall be  under the direct supervision of the Officers of the Board of Directors.  



A. The President shall: 

(i) Preside at all meetings of the Board and the League;  

(ii) Serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the League; 

(iii) Represent the League at any meetings of other organizations, including the  City of Vidor;  

(iv) Perform such other duties as are normally associated with the Office of  President.  

B. The Vice President shall:  

(i) Perform such duties as may be assigned by the President;  

(ii) Otherwise assist the President in the performance of his/her duties;  

(iii) Preside or represent the League at any meetings in the absence of the  President;  

(iv) Be responsible for reviewing the backgrounds checks;  

(v) Approve divisional coaches with Divisional VP assistance;  

C. The Secretary shall: 

(i) Have custody of the Articles, Bylaws, minutes and all other records of the  League, except financial records;  

(ii) Keep an accurate record of the meetings and other activities of the League  and the Board;  

(iii) Be responsible for updating/creating forms for baseball registration and  make certain that dates, time, places of meetings and/or upcoming events  are updated on the website.  

(iv) Transmit all records and correspondence to any person elected to succeed  him/her in that office. 

(v) Order and distribute team trophies as funding allows.  

 (vi) Obtain insurance coverage for all members of VYBL. 

(vii) Be responsible for registering teams with Little League baseball and any  additional coordination with the Little League organization; 

(viii) Be responsible for reviewing the backgrounds checks

(ix)Write and distribute schedules for all League games as directed by the  Board. 

D. The Treasurer shall: 

(i) Receive and disburse all funds with the approval of the Board;  

(ii) Keep an accurate account of all funds received and disbursed for the  League;  

(iii) Submit a financial report at all regular meetings and at such other times as  may be requested by the President;  

(iv) Submit an estimated budget for the season at the beginning of the fiscal  year;  

(v) Compile an annual report of League finances;  

(vi) Transmit all records and correspondence to any person elected to succeed  him/her in that office.  

E. The Player Agent shall:  

(i) Supervise the annual registration of all players, tryout sessions and  distribution of players among League teams (draft); 

(ii) Schedule the division drafts;  

(iii) Assist the Division VP’s with the drafting and assigning of players;  (iv) Construct and distribute league rosters;  

(v) Represent any players and/or parents in disputes with coaches or other  League officials;  

(vi) Be accessible to players and parents to answer questions and provide  information.  

F. Division VPs shall:  

(i) Determine the number of teams for their division;  

(ii) Determine and assign coaches for the teams in their division.  

(iii) Assign players to teams in accordance with VYBL Draft and Player  Selection Procedure;  

(iv) Assist the Player Agent in planning and holding tryout sessions;  (v) Conduct the draft of players;  

(vi) Write and distribute schedules for all League games as directed by the  Board.  

(vii) Submit written VYBL rule amendments for their division to the  board for approval and distribute to coaches;  

(viii) Hold meetings with coaches at appropriate times before and during the  season;  

(ix) Distribute the following items to coaches at appropriate times: equipment, 

rosters, rule books, season schedules, pictures, trophies, and any forms or  flyers as directed by the Board;  

(x) Monitor games during the season;  

(xi) Represent any coaches in disputes with players, parents, or other  League officials;  

(xii) Coordinate field preparation for all League games;  

(xiii) Be responsible for the up-keep of their field throughout the length of  their term;  

(xiv) Be empowered to suspend any player, coach or parent for one (1) game for  conduct considered to be detrimental to the League, and recommend  further disciplinary action to the Board if considered necessary (see  Disciplinary Guidelines below);  

(xv) Collect equipment from coaches at the end of the season;  

G. The Sponsor Coordinator shall:  

(i) Contact potential new sponsors for the League;  

(ii) Coordinate sponsor assignments with teams;  

(iii) Order and distribute sponsor banners & plaques;  

(iv) Maintain records of sponsor’s name, address, phone numbers, etc.;  

(v) Keep track of sponsor logos, teams or divisions they  sponsored and any other special needs;  

(vi) Keep track of teams exceeding League minimum Sponsorship  Program for incentive purposes;  

(vii) Notify Divisional VP of any team failing to meet League minimum  Sponsorship Program.  


H. The Maintenance Coordinator shall: 

i) Attend all required city meetings and work to obtain fields as directed by  the Board;  

(ii) Coordinate any required installations of fences or equipment sheds at the  fields;  

(iii) Work with the City of Vidor to obtain any required lighting for all League  games;  

(iv) Assist Divisional VPs with coordinating the field preparation  for all League games;  

(v) Collect requests for items in need of repair. Assign responsibility of  repairs and track to completion; 

(vi) Be responsible for and maintain all areas not used for competition.  

I . The Public Relations Coordinator shall: 

(i) Schedule team/player pictures;  

(ii) Maintaining League website and social media;  

(iii) Write, publish and distribute all league advertisements;  

(iv) Be responsible for all correspondence on behalf of the league;   

J. The Fundraising Coordinator shall:  

(i) Present to the Board potential fundraising opportunities;  

(ii) Manage all fundraising efforts;  

(iii) Order and distribute parent shirts.  

K. The Tournament Coordinator shall:  

(i) Coordinate volunteers for tournaments hosted by VYBL;  

(ii) Assist teams with questions for participating in tournaments.  

L. The Concession Stand Coordinator shall:  

(i) Create worker schedule for the season;  

(ii) Manage all aspects of the concession stand;  

(iii) Order and maintain deliveries for the concession;  

(iv) Coordinate the maintenance of the league restrooms.




A. Players:  

1. Any Person who will attain the proper league age before September 1 shall be eligible to participate in the VYBL per Little League  Official Rules.  

2. Only players of proper age whose residence, as determined by the residence of  their parents or legal guardians, is within the approved league boundaries shall  be considered “legal” players for the league and tournament competition.  

3. Date of birth of candidates shall be certified by birth certificate, hospital  certificate, religious documents, school registration or equivalent, and must be  presented to the league Player Agent upon the candidate’s registration.  

4. The league President shall, upon evidence of misconduct of any player, shall  immediately remove the player from the field. The manager of the team and  the player’s parents shall be informed of the President’s actions. The player  shall be brought before the Officers of the Board of Directors for  consideration of appropriate action. The player’s parents/guardian shall be  advised of and invited to the meeting.  

5.  3-4year old players are eligible to play league ball within a “miniatures”  division for fun and entertainment unless drafted in the tee ball division. No  tournament play for “miniatures”.  

B. Managers and Coaches:  

1. Any person meeting the requirements as to residency as set forth in the rules  and regulations of Little league Baseball, Inc. shall be eligible to manage a team.  

2. All team managers/coaches must be background checked and cleared by League Representative. Coaches are appointed each year by  Divisional VPs and approved by League VP.

3. The Officers of the Board of Directors shall, by a 2/3 vote of a quorum, have  the authority to suspend, discharge or otherwise discipline a manager/coach  considered detrimental to the best interest of the league.  

4. The League President shall, upon evidence of misconduct of any coaches,  notify the manager of the team of which the coach is a member within 24  hours of the act. The manager shall appear before the Board of Directors for  the consideration of appropriate action.  

5. Managers/Coaches will not be allowed to move from one team to another  within any given year and will not be allowed to Head Coach more than one  team. 

6. Any Manager/Coach who leaves their team voluntarily or involuntarily after  coaching selections are made, shall not be eligible to manage/coach an All Star team and shall lose their All-Star votes. Exception: Voluntarily-the  Officers of the Board of Directors shall review the leave of absence.  

7. Any Manager/Coach who fails to turn in, or compensate the league for all  equipment after the playing season has concluded, shall not be eligible to  manage/coach a team the following year.  

8. Managers/Coaches must turn in all league equipment and be cleared by the  Equipment Manager before he shall be eligible to vote for All-Stars (all All Star Managers/Coaches excluded). All-Star Managers/Coaches must turn in  their league equipment immediately after the conclusion of tournament play.  

9. Any previous manager who has been contacted in person or by telephone by  a Board Member, and refuses to apply for a Manager’s position by the  application deadline, shall not be eligible to manage or coach a team during the  ensuing year (Board Members shall document time and date of contact).  



A Player Selection Committee will oversee all activities involving player registration,  player drafts, player placements, the player pool, trades or any other activities not covered.  The player selection committee will also cover all All-Star teams or any other activities not  covered. The player selection committee shall consist of a Chairman (The Player Agent),  the league Vice President, and at least one other Board member. The members of the  committee will vote on the above stated responsibilities and pass with a majority vote. The  Board of Directors will then forward all matters passing the committee to the President of  the league for final approval.  

The officers of the board of Directors shall institute a policy relative to the selection and  placement of players on teams. SEE VYBL PLAYER DRAFT PROCEDURE.  



VYBL shall provide, where feasible, two All Star teams in each division. The officers of  the board of Directors shall institute a policy relative to the selection and placement of  players on teams. SEE VYBL ALLSTAR POLICIES and Draft procedure. 



Any person made a party to any action, suit, or proceeding, by reason of the fact that he,  his testator or intestate representative is or was a Director, Governing Board member,  officer, or employee of the Corporation, or of any corporation in which he served as such  at the request of the Corporation, shall be indemnified by the Corporation against  reasonable expenses, including such attorney’s fees actually and necessarily incurred by  him in connection with the defense of such action, suit, or proceeding, or in connection  with any appeal therein, except in relation to matters as to which it shall be adjudged in  such action, suit, or proceeding, or in connection with any appeal therein that such officer,  Director, Governing Board member or employee is liable for negligence or misconduct in  the performance of his duties.  

The foregoing right of indemnification shall not be deemed exclusive of any other rights  to which any officer or Director, Governing Board member, or employee may be entitled  apart from the very provisions of this section.  

The amount of indemnity to which any officer, Director, or Governing Board member  may be entitled shall be fixed by the Board of Directors, except that in any case where  there is no such disinterested majority of the Board available, the amount shall be fixed  by arbitration pursuant to the then existing rules of the American Arbitration Association.  



A. VYBL is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and  scientific purposes, including, for such purposes, the making of distributions  to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501 C (3)  of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal  tax code.  

B. Upon the dissolution of the organization, assets shall be distributed for one or  more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501 C (3) of the Internal  Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or  shall be distributed to the federal government, or to a state or local  

government, for a public purpose. Any such assets not disposed of shall be  disposed of by a Court of Competent Jurisdiction of the county in which the  principal office of the organization is then located, exclusively for such  purposes or to such organization or organizations, as said Court shall  determine, which are organized and operated exclusively for such purposes.  



In rendering its functions and in exercising its purposes, the corporation shall not practice  or permit discrimination on the basis of sex, age, race, national origin, religion, physical  handicap, or disability.  



President - John Castolenia

Treasurer - Courtney Jacob 

Secretary - Jessica Childs

Revised on 3/2/2022

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